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We serve to top industrial companies with quality instrumentation forautomation applications. We provide best quality in signal acquisition,conversion and circuit isolation for analog signals and digital applications.

Our design and manufacturing processes are applied with the firmconviction that they are warranty of a strong and reliable instrument.Our quality control and product development processes are focused onputting up a product that is strong, trustworthy and easy to use.

The reliability and the strength of our instruments allow us to export ourproducts around the world, through an extensive network of sales partnersand associated customers.

With an experience of more than 50 years in the market, our productsand services are recognized by our customers with their confidenceand trust, but also by external organizations, achieving our first OfficialISO9001 quality certificate back in 1999, and the Best Export Award fromthe Chamber of Industrial Trade of Sabadell, back in 1993.

With a wide catalog of instrumentation for panel meters, signalconverters and large displays, FEMA is your trusted partner for your industry instrumentation needs.


Manufacturing Instrumentation for industrial automation.


Our catalog you can find three differentiated product lines. All of them are subjected to strict development and quality controls to acquire a product that is strong, trustworthy and easy to use.


Digital panel meters

Signal converters and isolators perform an invisible but important task: to isolate the input and output circuits to prevent ground loopsand transient propagation, offering an accurate and reliable measure.
Solid performance and easy configuration, with optional display ofmeasured values, the FEMA range of isolated signal converters arethe ideal solution to integrate into industrial environments, machinemanufacturers and OEM applications.
Includes special functions for easy installation and system check,together with universal power supply for easy adaptation to all needswith a single reference.


  • Multisignal inputs
  • Easy configuration
  • Special functions
  • Universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac/dc
  • Triple isolation


Large format displays

Wide range of series covering all usual industry applications andsignals. Multiple format sizes, control outputs, digit colors andcustomized versions.Multisignal instruments with more than 40 different signals accepted,and universal power supply, for OEM applications and integration.
Additional tools and functions included for each type of application.
Each series offer different specifications adaptable for different needs. There is a model that fits your application.


  • Wide range of signals accepted
  • Wide range of output controls available
  • Special instruments under request
  • Multisignal instruments with universal power supply
  • Modular system
  • Accuracy and reliability


Signal converters & isolators

Large format displays with 60 and 100mm digit height, for cleanand sharp reading up to 50 meters. Modular system, with optionalrelay, analog output and communications.
Wide range of input signalsavailable. Serial communications available.Integrated front keypad for configuration with optional remotekeypad. Sturdy IP65 metal housing for industrial environments.
Accepts hanging, wall and panel mount.Your solution for visual information with integrated process controlfor all industrial applications.


  • Reading up to 50 meters
  • Front keypad configuration
  • Modular system
  • Control outputs available
  • Wall, hanging and panel mount
  • Sturdy IP65 metal housing


The electrical signal is our starting point. Voltages, currents andresistances are part of the automation world. We apply our knowhowin the field of signal acquisition, linearization, signal processing,retransmission and isolation in the most suitable way for each type of application. Below is a list of the most usual signals we work.

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We serve to top industrial companies with the best solutions in instrumentation, and we helpthem to identify the instrument that best suit their needs.

  • We offer a wide catalog of industrial instrumentation for signal reading, conversion and isolation
  • We can customize our instruments previous to delivery
  • We manufacture specific instruments based on your requirements
  • We ship to your facilities or to the address provided

We are committed to our customers. We offer our assistance in all the stages of the project,from the identification of the product that best suit your requirements, to the customizing ofspecific functions, together with recommendations for installation and use.
We have a diverse customer profile, but that they all have something in common: they are demanding professionals.

  • Industrial companies
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Engineering companies and integrators
  • Catalog sales companies and white label companies
  • Sales companies focused at industrial automation
  • Dedicated electrical and electronic stores


What we do?

FEMA ELECTRÓNICA designs, develops, manufactures and markets a wide range of electronic instrumentation for industrial automation. We are committed to offering innovative products that meet our customer needs in the field of industrial analog signal measurements.

What differentiates us from our competition?

Our organization is oriented to offer products with easy of use and high technical quality, which incorporate the necessary protections for each application, at a fair price. The objective is to ensure that our products life is as long as possible, fulfilling its entrusted function in the best conditions.

Who are our customers?

Through distributors and commercial networks we deliver our products to our customers. Whether in the automation systems of a factory or out of sight inside a machine, a control panel or a dashboard, our products reach a wide variety of markets and applications.

What excites us about the future of the company?

Constant improvements in electronic technology offer us a future full of opportunities. New products allow us to do “more with less”. Each new product is more complex internally, but easier to use, and more capable of performing the functions for which it has been designed. We want to bring these capabilities to more and more people, contacting and establishing relationships with technical companies and distributors around the world.

Quality Policy

All this would not be possible without a solid management structure, oriented to meet the needs of our customers, both today and in the long term. Therefore, since 1999 our company has a quality management system, implemented for all areas of the company, and externally certified by widely recognized organizations.
At this moment, our organization implements a Quality Management System based on ISO9001: 2015, which is oriented to the following principles: