At FEMA we are manufacturers of electronic instrumentation for industrial automation since 1969. We provide to national and international companies with quality electronic instrumentation. We focus into the quality of the signal acquisition and the isolation between circuits.

The company is organized in specialized departments where the expertise of our team will assess you in any need and will help identify the best product for your application.

Our facilities are located in Barcelona, a worldwide reknown area for innovation, where FEMA designs and produces each instrument following a strict quality control. Today, the reliability and quality of our instruments allows us to export the most part of our production world wide, through an extensive network of distributors and associated partners.

With more than 45 years of experience in the market, FEMA is recognized by its national and international customers with their trust and confidence, and from external organizations, achieving its first official ISO9001 Quality Certification in 1999 and the Best Export Award from the Chamber of Industry and Trade of Sabadell in 1993.

With a wide catalog of instrumentation both for digital meters and for signals isolatorsand converters, FEMA is a reliable partner for your instrumentation needs.




Our catalog is made of two main product lines. On one side, a wide range of digital panel meters, with a wide offer on sizes, functions, and options. On the other side, a range of signal converters and isolators. Both product lines follow strict quality controls during development and on manufacturing time, in order to warrant our customers a reliable, robust and easy to use instrument.



General industry applications
Digital panel meters for all type of industrial applications. Accuracy, reliability and a wide range of products.

Industrial OEM series
Series for high consumption. Customizable, multifunction, multisignal and multivoltage. Designed to cover the maximum of applications with the minimum of stock.

Special instruments
Custom developments and special applications.


General industry applications
Signal conversion and isolation for all type of signals to process signals.
Isolation between circuits.

Special instruments
Loop powered instruments, integrators, … custom developments and special applications.


Our instruments work with electrical signals. Voltages, currents and resistances are presented in many ways in the world of industrial automation. Our experience allows us to develop instruments that perform the work of acquisition, linearization, processing and retransmission in the most appropriate way for each type of signal. See below the icons used to represent each type of signal.



We serve to top industrial companies with the best solutions in instrumentation, and we help to identify the instrument that best suit their needs. We have a diverse customer profile, but that they all have something in common: they are demanding professionals. We are committed to our customers and we offer our assistance in all the stages of the relation, from the identification of the product, to the customization of specific functions, together with recommendations for installation and use, thus making the customer get exactly the product that best suits his needs.

  • Sales companies focused at industrial automation
  • Machine manufacturers
  • Engineering companies and integrators
  • Catalog sales companies and white label companies
  • Dedicated electrical and electronic stores
  • Industrial companies