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Series I3

Series I3

Series I3

Signal duplicator

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The Series I3 offers a range of low-cost but highly versatile isolated signal converters, for most usual industrial applications. Easy configuration, versatile and reliable, for the most usual industrial applications. Its main features are a contained price together with a wide range of input signals accepted, and optional customization for consumption.

Output signal configurable for 4/20mA and 0/10Vdc, 3 way isolation between input-output-power circuits. Universal power supply 18 to 265 Vac/dc, wide range of input signals accepted, easily configurable by means of configuration codes. Tools for the installator with functions to manually generate high and low output signals to check remote devices. For DIN rail mount.

Series I3 achieves a reduced price mainly obtained from a simplification on the configuration parameters available, although still offering around 0.5% FS accuracy and 3 acquisitions / second. Series I3 benefits from scale economy, making use of high quality components, power supplies, housings and quality-test procedures from higher range series.

In short, the Series I3 is the recommended series for machine manufacturers, OEM integrators and instrumentation distributors,due its reduced price and its wide range of signals accepted. It presents a compact solution, technically reliable, that adapts to most usual needs in the industrial automation field.

Main characteristics

  • OEM industrial series
  • Signal converter and isolator
  • Signal duplicator
  • Process measure
  • Temperature measure
  • Potentiometer measure
  • Resistance measure
  • Signal duplicador for process signals
    Excitation voltage
  • +15Vdc (max. 30mA)
  • 18/265 Vac/dc (isolated)
  • 24-240Vac/dc,±10%
    IP protection
  • IP30
  • DIN rail mount


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Isolated signal converter, for process, temperatures and more. Configurable by configuration codes. DIN rail mount.


Signal duplicator for process signals. Isolated 4 ways. Easy configuration with configuration codes. Standard DIN rail mount.

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Special Options

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